15 July, 2016


The massive increase in data collected and stored worldwide calls for new ways to preserve privacy while still allowing data sharing among multiple data owners. Today, the lack of trusted and secure environments for data sharing inhibits data economy while legality, privacy, trustworthiness, data value and confidentiality hamper the free flow of data.

MUSKETEER aims to create a validated, federated, privacy-preserving machine learning platform tested on industrial data that is inter-operable, scalable and efficient enough to be deployed in real use cases. MUSKETEER aims to alleviate data sharing barriers by providing secure, scalable and privacy-preserving analytics over decentralized datasets using machine learning. Data can continue to be stored in different locations with different privacy constraints, but shared securely.

The MUSKETEER cross-domain platform will validate progress in the two industrial scenarios:


MUSKETEER strives to:

  1. Create machine learning models over a variety of privacy-preserving scenarios.
  2. Ensure security and robustness against external and internal threats.
  3. Provide a standardized and extendable architecture.
  4. Demonstrate and validate in two different industrial scenarios.
  5. Enhance data economy by boosting sharing across domains.

The MUSKETEER impact crosses industrial, scientific, economic and strategic domains. Real-world industry requirements and outcomes are validated in an operational setting. Federated machine learning approaches for data sharing are innovated. Data economy is fostered by creating a rewarding model capable of fairly monetizing datasets according to the real data value. Finally, Europe is positioned as a leader in innovative data sharing technologies.